One of the biggest challenges for Irish business and institutions in 2017 will be the transition from traditional data processes towards ‘data compliance’ as newly defined by the General Data Protection Regulation.

The ‘GDPR’ is a game-changer not just for big business but any SME, organisation or individual controlling or processing data. The penalties for data negligence will be severe and indiscriminate. This period, when the regulation is drafted but not yet in effect, is the ideal time for businesses and organisations to review the new requirements, seek legal guidance and put into place the systems and processes that will enable compliance.

Here at Seefin DM, we do our utmost to ensure our clients are 100% data compliant so that they have the peace of mind to focus on what they do best. For everyone else, we’ve compiled the essential information on how the GDPR impacts you and your work in the PDF available below:

Download Our Free GDPR Guide Here

If you’re ever feeling the pressure to make your business data compliant in time for the new regulations, please get in touch for free advice and support.

Take Care,

The SeefinDM Team